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Darlene Berliner is accomplished in selecting, motivating, and retaining best in class teams. With 19 years of HR executive experience, she shines impressively in leading the development and execution of human resource strategies, programs and systems in support of critical business objectives. Darlene ensures the HR function enhances organizational effectiveness through a focus on talent management activities, including human capital planning, staffing, performance management, total rewards, and development. She is a valued business partner, trusted advisor and internal consultant who builds highly productive relationships cross-culturally and within all levels of an organization.

As a leader in her field for over 19 years, Darlene ensures that HR is tightly synced with a company’s culture and goals. She is a subject matter expert in multiple facets of HR management. Whether this means retaining and motivating a top-tier workforce, strategically developing future company leaders, or implementing positive cultural change (or all of the above!), she has made it her professional mission to align people with business. Darlene has the ability to influence and partner with all business leaders in an organization in order to carry out these initiatives.

Throughout each step of her career, Darlene has remained genuine, approachable, and supportive of her staff. She assesses the strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes of every single member on her team and is always open to their insights and ideas — resulting in teams of people who truly grow and succeed as a unit.

Early in her career, Darlene achieved success as a Senior Finance Manager. She quickly understood that the old 20th-century model of Human Resources — one rooted in benefits, administration, and payroll — was long gone. For that exact reason, she decided to transition into the field of HR. Inspired by the field’s potential as a truly strategic function for any business, and supported by her skill set in professional and interpersonal matters, she took the leap.


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Since then, Darlene has earned executive roles in Human Resources for numerous companies. She is able to leverage her knowledge and expertise in new and different situations. She is consistently interested in continuing to learn and grow. As Darlene has gained experience in various business sectors including global manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas/marine geosciences, and professional services, she has distilled the universal tenets of HR, resulting in positive work environments in which businesses and individuals alike thrive.

Darlene has worked with the C-suites of companies to reorganize company structure and improve corporate culture, while also communicating the benefits of these changes to key stakeholders and company CEOs alike. She has led major change initiatives and is highly equipped to ensure that change management is carried out in a successful and transparent manner for all associates of the company.

Darlene Berliner earned her SPHR Certification (Senior Professional Human Resources) from the Human Resource Certification Institute and is a SHRM-SCP (Senior Certified Professional) through the Society of Human Resources Management. She is a member of the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) and of HR Houston, her local SHRM chapter.

On this blog Darlene will share her insights into the dynamic world of Human Resources in the twenty-first century.

Praise for Darlene Berliner

Former boss and CEO said “she was a forward-thinking visionary who understood what drove success and revenue in the business. Consequently, she repositioned and retooled the HR department to vitally contribute far beyond an administrative role.”

Former colleague said “she was an authentic leader, an exceptional contributor who purported herself with great vision and clarity of purpose.”

Former boss and CEO said “she possesses the intellect, character, business acumen, leadership skills and emotional disposition, to successfully direct the H/R function with great poise and expertise.”